Posted on July 29, 2016

Body works cues

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  1. kine - an obscure term describing a single body languagesignal (devised by body language expert Dr Ray Birdwhistell,c.1952, from thelonger term kinesics)..

  2. Sometimes we confuse the sluggishness of dehydration with actual hunger. The body is calling for fluids, not food..

  3. Jim is a proud Dad, strength coach, and entrepreneur.  Co-author of the best selling Athletic Development Training system and co-founder of theCPPS certification for coaches, Jim has been recognized as one of the ‘most innovative coaches’ in the fitness industry.  Jim isregularly featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle & Fitness..

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  1. "body language - noun - the conscious and unconsciousmovements and postures by which attitudes and feelings arecommunicated [forexample]: his intent was clearly expressed in his body language."..

  2. Offering up the previously discussed positive body language is easier said than done when you're uncomfortable, so the best thing you can do tooverride that discomfort is to feel prepared. (A lack of preparation is the main reason you suck in an interview, after all.) Even if you begin tofeel unprepared later on, walking into the room with confidence will at least help you make that important first impression. To prepare, research thecompany. Remember a few useful "sound bites" to use and fall back on if you're struggling. Know what differentiates you and makes youspecial and remind yourself right before you walk into the room. Preparation breeds confidence, and it'll be easier to display positive body languagewhen you're feeling good about yourself..

  3. Add to it that most workouts have 6-8 different movementsand separate days. We’re talking 60-80 cues to remember for one workout and 160-320 cues to remember each workout!..

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  1. Once you’ve developed your abilities to manage stress and recognize emotions, you’ll naturally become better at reading the nonverbalsignals sent by others..

  2. Deadlifting big weight is all about improving your mechanical advantage.  The closer you keep the bar’s center of mass to your own centerof mass, the better leverage you’ll have throughout the exercise. ..

  3. Sensory information about motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation is provided by the vestibular apparatus, which in each ear includes theutricle, saccule, and three semicircular canals. The utricle and saccule detect gravity (information in a vertical orientation) and linear movement.The semicircular canals, which detect rotational movement, are located at right angles to each other and are filled with a fluid called endolymph.When the head rotates in the direction sensed by a particular canal, the endolymphatic fluid within it lags behind because of inertia, and exertspressure against the canal’s sensory receptor. The receptor then sends impulses to the brain about movement from the specific canal that isstimulated. When the vestibular organs on both sides of the head are functioning properly, they send symmetrical impulses to the brain. (Impulsesoriginating from the right side are consistent with impulses originating from the left side.) ..