Posted on July 10, 2016

straightening painting cues

What can you find in search engines google, yahoo, bing by word "straightening painting cues"?

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  1. MikeLambros: No technical data but a nice "anatomy of acue" in the "Design" page..

  2. Twointentional fouls, such as striking a ball in anger after missing ashot, shall result in forfeiture of match. (BCA rule.)..

  3. Thecue: A plain but deadly weapon. (Black is the hardest of all colorsto get a perfect surface. Nothing else shows up defects as much. Theentire butt was perfect without a single scratch, bubble, or defectof any kind. The finish was like glass. The inlays were razor sharpand tight and smooth.)..

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  1. ArnotCues: No technical data on performance but very detailedconstruction information. Uses a 26 layer laminated shaft called theTerminatorShaftT3..

  2. Icalled on 25 February to see if the cue had been shipped on the 23rdas promised. It hadn't. The receptionist told me that it had been shipped one day late, on the 24th. When I asked for a UPS trackingnumber, she put me on hold for five minutes. When she came back shesaidthe cue hadn't been shipped on the 24th after all as she hadoriginally said. Instead, she said they hoped to get it out today, onthe 25th..

  3. CuePerfect:A little qualitative performance information on Predator 314 ander240 shafts. Also an interesting expose' about the cuesmade byEdwin (not Efren) Reyes. This site's cuemaker appears to have anextensive inventory of extremely rare and exotic woods. Definitelyworth a visit. (This link worked for a while then started havingtrouble. The site may have gone down.)..

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  1. I’m not sure the price but being able to get the perfect shade of yellow or blue is worth quite a bit in my book. I haven’t tried it yetbut I’ll be sure to report back when I do!..

  2. Stealthcues: Specializein ribbed handles with no linen, which is supposed to preventholding the cue too tightly..

  3. Finalnote: While watching a men's world billiard championship one year,the announcers mentioned that the man breaking, I forget his name,had one of the most powerful breaks anyone had every seen. The speedof his cue ball was measured at 28 miles per hour..