Posted on July 20, 2016

the curtains in the bedroom

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  1. And this is the same space after some paint and a few new accessories (including the vibrant green curtains that really make the space)..

  2. Tab: Tab tops texturize your space. The structured bunching at the top of the fabric creates clean, straight lines, and the tabs themselves adddimension to those lines. The resulting look can be anywhere from mid-century modern chic to rustic and traditional. The thickness of fabric willdetermine the type of hardware required—thick, lined drapes may require thicker hardware than light, breezy sheer or semi-sheer curtains. Depending onthe type of tab, the rod may or may not be exposed. Either way, the rod, tab and finial construction will affect the overall look of the window space.Our hardware styles include matte black steel, rustic bronze, and matte or shiny, polished nickel constructions..

  3. One of the more popular window treatments that you can find are sheer drapes. While these are wonderful in many different areas, they are not the beststyle of drape to purchase if you want to have a little privacy since you can see through most sheer drapes. Bedrooms should never have sheer drapessolely, and neither should bathrooms for that matter. Instead, pair them with a darker drape or window covering that does just that; covers..

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  1. A: Definitely go with one long rod. It will look seamless and less visually broken up… and it might even create the look of one big window instead ofthree smaller ones next to each other. We know that JC Penney sells curtain rods and extender pieces that can stretch those rods far beyond 12′which should solve your problem on the double. For a visual, check out Blayne’s living room makeover that we helped her with a few month’sback. You can see how adding curtain panels where there are slivers of wall creates a breezy effect and makes smaller side-by-side windows look likeone big wall of glass (and you can see how she cheated them about a foot and a half higher than the window and it looks great):..

  2. I absolutely looooove the natural light that streams into this room. It’s fabulous and illuminates the entire space. But when you want a littleextra shut eye on the weekends…it’s not exactly easy to snooze past sunrise with light in your face. So I knew I needed curtains, andthey’d have to be blackout curtains..

  3. Okay, I bring gold color curtains and beige tulle. The first style has glamour sense which matches to the luxurious bedroom style. Meanwhile, thetulle balances to the wall and the floor design. In addition, there is light blue curtain as the recent trend design. Seemly, it brings fresh feellike in tropical area or beach. As you know, it mixes the bedding sets. Obvious, those recent trend design of the curtains have current attractivestory..

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  1. Hopeless romantic: For a romantic touch, hang white lace curtains in your bedroom. Sheer screens, embroidery and pearl accents can round out thedramatic look. Add a touch of glamour while adding privacy to your personal space; use blinds or shades underneath for extra protection..

  2. A: We definitely think the curtain panels would still look lovely hung high and wide with white wood blinds, but instead of hanging them right at theceiling height, you’ll want to mount the rod about 6″ above the window so they’re cheated a bit higher but they still have a visual relationshipwith the blinds below. Almost everyone cheats their curtains at least 6″ above their windows these days, just because hanging the rod right atthe top of the window can look oddly invasive and heavy… it needs a little air to breathe!..

  3. This delightful botanical design, featuring single floral stems in damson tones, brings to mind warm..