Posted on July 7, 2016

curtains in the nursery

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  1. Now that the edges are sewn, time to sew up the top and bottom too. Let's start with the bottom. All you need to do really is repeat the same stepsyou did for both sides. Fold the bottom edge over toward the inside back of the curtain, and pin the edge down. Use your iron to carefully create aclean crease. Double the edge over again and sew the hem in place with your sewing machine..

  2. We hit up a local place (U-Fab) as well as JoAnn fabrics, and ended up falling for a cheerful apple green color at JoAnn. We thought it would layer innicely with the kelly green bedskirt, bike art, and chair pillow without being too matchy or flat. I bought five and a half yards of fabric, which waslisted at .99 a yard (it’s 100% cotton, and the color is Solid Apple if that helps you track it down at JoAnn) but I used one of those 50% offcoupons so my entire purchase was .22, which means each of my panels breaks down to being under ten bucks..

  3.  If not, GO THERE NOW.  She hasthe most amazing variety and intricate vinyl work out there.  Beautiful, beautiful designs.  You’ll be hearing more about her and Whitney andone of my favorites, Vintage Skye,  very soon..

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  1.  This contest will run from 12:00 a.m. March 18, 2014 – 11:59 p.m March 31, 2014..

  2. I think my mail lady is starting to get annoyed with me because packages from Etsy are showing up every day now.I love these whale and bear screenprints with the yellow background.I think they will hang over the baby’s crib..

  3. For something plain and simple, the Weathermate Insulated Cotton Curtain from Overstock. From for the pair. Other colors available, too..

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  1. My daughter is 8 months now and her room still isn't done..

  2. Then I tagged John to get to work hanging the curtain rod with heavy duty anchors (so it’ll never come toppling down, even if over 100lbs offorce is used) while I created a third curtain panel for the closet (this one only needed to be seven feet long)..