Posted on August 2, 2016

automatic garden watering system singapore

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  1. Product Listing Policy - Intellectual Property Policy and Infringement Claims - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use..

  2. A good way to prevent overwatering is to install rain or soil moisture sensors to override your automatic watering system when necessary. A rainsensor simply senses rainfall. Once a designated amount of water has been detected, it shuts down any regularly scheduled irrigation. Rain sensors aresmall, simple devices and are generally less expensive and easier to install and maintain than soil moisture sensors. Soil moisture sensors are moreaccurate than rain sensors because they can detect moisture at the level of the root system. They are more exact in measuring how much water yourplants are receiving and thus offer greater water savings. However, they are somewhat complicated to install and manage..

  3. We sell a wide range of automatic watering solutions suitable for a number of watering tasks. Automatic watering takes the chore out of watering yourgarden or patio, giving you more time to enjoy your beloved garden. It is also the ideal for watering your plants whilst you are away..

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  1. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed..

  2. Removal of Blockages, cleaning offilters and drippers/ sprinklers, flushing of lateral linesensuring all plants are getting adequate water..

  3. When discharge and pressure required is higher than available pressure..

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  1. By using a gate valve / pressure regulating valve and a pressure gauge in succession. Increasing or decreasing the pressure on the pressure gauge isdone by adjusting the gate valve/ pressure regulating valve..

  2. It varies from 2 bars to 3.5 bars depending on the type of sprinklers..

  3. We also provide advice on fertigation and chemigation. Fertigation is an automatic system to apply liquid fertilizer while chemigation is an automaticsystem to apply liquid insecticide and fungicide..