Posted on July 29, 2016

automatic goat watering system

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  1. This system is set up directly over the wet well beside the dugout and uses a motion sensor to activate the solar-powered pump. The motion sensorstarts the pump when livestock approach the watering bowl to drink. Water is pumped into the bottom of a 25 inch (63.5 cm) diameter round wateringbowl located on top of a 24 inch (60.96 cm) diameter culvert or wet well.The water level rises in the bowl to a set of overflow holes that returnexcess water back into the wet well. These holes are located near the top edge of the bowl to prevent overflow onto the ground. The pump will run aslong as there is livestock motion within the range of the motion detector..

  2. An access ramp is the minimum improvement that can be made to a water source (see Figures 1a. Cross-section view of access ramp and 1b. Plan view ofaccess ramp)..

  3. UPDATE 12/2/09 My system has been working great for years.  There were only two problems I’ve had:..

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  1. Although it may seem like a step back in time, water hauling can be a viable alternative. In intensive livestock grazing management, cattle aresometimes moved daily from pasture to pasture. Access to water is often the limiting factor. By utilizing an old truck with a main storage tank and aneasily moved stock tank, the watering source can be continuously relocated throughout the pasture along with the cattle. The nutrients from the manureare more evenly distributed and are kept on the same field..

  2. Miraco Insulated Heat TubeMIR834Ordering Information..

  3. On the dairy farm where I grew up, my dad sold Surge Dairy equipment.  Dad loved his equipment and built a state of the art, four-stall Surge MilkingParlor with glass pipes so you could actually see the milk pumping from the cow and flowing to the bulk tank where the milk was cooled and stored forthe milk truck, which would come every other day. What a sight!..

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  2. UPDATE 9/15/07 I finally upgraded my “temporary” feeder so something a lot bigger and hopefully a bit nicer looking.  You can read all thedetails here:  HomeMade Chicken Feeder..

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