Posted on July 13, 2016

Automatic holiday watering system

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  1. Easy Cleaning and StorageCleaning the Oasis takes just minutes: simply wipe all of the parts with a damp rag and let dry. The internal water filtercan also be treated with a mixture of water and distilled vinegar to eliminate any lime scale..

  2. After thoroughly watering ahanging basket lift it to get a sense for how heavy it should feel. When it feels light, it's time to water..

  3. The Oasis Self-Watering System's small profile allows for easy storage in a closet or cabinet. Preparing the unit for storage is simple: just removethe battery, drain the water from the tank and hose, clean, dry, and store..

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  1. If you are especially short of space & time then why not try our 25 Litre mini waterbutt option. This is our most compact waterbutt and will fitsnuggly in your greenhouse, polytunnel or even on your allotment. The great thing about our 25 Litre mini waterbutt is you can fill it up with yourhose to save you traipsing to and from your garden tap with a full watering can..

  2. We have a team of experts on hand to answer any questions that you might have. Whether it be questions about how to set up your garden wateringsystem, recommendations for particular watering requirements, or further technical details about a specific product. Just call 0161 351 4700 to speakto one of our friendly advisors..

  3. Welcome to Easy Garden Irrigation, the UK's friendly garden irrigation experts. We offer an extensive range of irrigation supplies and automaticgarden watering systems to customers throughout the UK and Europe. In stock we have a huge choice of drip irrigation, pop up sprinkler systems, gardenhoses & hose reels, lawn sprinklers and much more..

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  1. The Click & Drip drip plant watering system release water slowly and evenly through drip irrigation pipe so that your plants take up the waterbefore it forms puddles which evaporate. The holes in the dripper line are spaced 30cms apart and are carefully designed to open with internalpressure, so they allow water out but won’t become blocked when hidden under soil, mulch and bark. So whether you are watering plants in rasiedbeds, growbags, allotments or veg plots you can be confident of using our Click and Drip automatic drip plant watering kit..

  2. 20 in line drippers - to fit in the tube and provide constant, precise drips of water..

  3. Hozelock’s range of Automatic Watering products delivers an effective way automatically watering your garden saving you time, water and effort..