Posted on July 13, 2016

Automatic greenhouse watering system and monitoring

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  1. The water from the tank runs into a trough at the side ofthe staging. A wick draws the water from the trough into a sand tray..

  2. A greenhouse fan is also very good at keeping the airflowing, or an electric fan heater with the heat element switched off..

  3. Advanced automatic irrigation systems can contain 'sensors' components to measure the dampness of the soil and such decide when or how much water todistribute via sprinklers or drip irrigation systems..

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  1. The Kuobachi, as we've explained before, takes all of the heavy lifting out of caring for houseplants. These all-in-one sensors measure light, soilhumidity, and soil temperature, and upload the data to the Koubachi Web platform. By specifying which species of plant the unit is observing, theKuobachi site will send you specifically-tailored watering, feeding, and general care instructions by email or SMS. The Koubachi plant sensor retailsfor on the Koubachi website..

  2. Our drip irrigation kits are easy to extend with our Easy fit connectors and additional lengths of irrigation and non-drip pipe. If you’reunsure of how much irrigation or non-drip pipe you need to water your raised beds, pots or veg plot, then give one of our lovely Greenhouse SensationGardening Angels a call on 0845 602 3774..

  3. For cropshighly dependent on uniform watering, like plugs, a DU of 85 percent or better should be used. For less critical applications, like woody ornamentalsin large containers, a DU of 75 to 80 percent can be acceptable. ..

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  1. Don't leave home worried if your plants will survive - simply add one of our electronic water timers and make your greenhouse watering system fullyautomatic go to timers now!..

  2. An alternative to the sand tray is a system involvingplacing the pots on absorbent mats that take water from the same tank system asthat describedabove..

  3. Hand watering is considered uneconomical because it is labor inefficient, and automated systems are relatively inexpensive. Further, this task isoften left to the least skilled laborers, and the economic impact of careless watering on the quality of the plants can quickly be re-paid by mostautomated systems. ..