Posted on August 2, 2016

Automatic watering garden

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  1. Here are a few tips to remember when installing an automatic watering system in your vegetable garden:..

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  3. Use Garden Hose to carry water from one area to another. Use it between sections of soaker hose to cross a path, or to bridge the area between tworaised beds or two shrubs. Use it to connect your soaker system to your faucet, too. Cut it to length with scissors..

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  1. A beautiful example of a self-watering window box is the Balcona Self Watering Window Box.  It is made from high-grade polyethylene so will hold up tonature’s elements without losing it’s beauty.  The self watering feature is a built-in water reservoir so your plants will draw up thewater as needed.  The dimensions of the window box are 20″W x 8″D x 7.25″H.  This is a perfect example of beauty, form and functionthat can transform your window into your very own window sill herb garden.  ..

  2. Overhead sprinklers are often frowned upon, with exception to lawns, as these also lose more water to evaporation. Soaker hoses or drip irrigation isalways better, going straight to the roots while keeping foliage dry. Of course, there’s also the old standby—hand watering—but since this ismore time consuming, it’s best left for smaller garden areas and container plants..

  3. There are many reasons to install automatic watering in your garden, but none more convincing that the time saved and the freedom earned. Replacingboth hoses and sprinklers with an easy-to-assemble irrigation system provides more time for you to do other things, like enjoy your garden (or yourholidays)..

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  1. Here's a rundown of the components you'll find in our Snip-n-Drip systems and how they're used. You can also purchase these components separately tofurther customize a kit or create your own Snip-n-Drip system from scratch..

  2. We sell a wide range of automatic watering solutions suitable for a number of watering tasks. Automatic watering takes the chore out of watering yourgarden or patio, giving you more time to enjoy your beloved garden. It is also the ideal for watering your plants whilst you are away..

  3. Although it might seem like a luxury item, a timer will turn your system from good to great. Choose a programmable timer that allows for severalshorter cycles per day. With soaker hose, it often helps to use a technique called "pulse watering," especially if you have heavy soil that doesn'tdrain well. Instead of running the soaker for one long cycle, you break it into four shorter soak cycles, following each soak by a pause. This allowswater to soak into the soil and prevents waste. For instance, you set the timer to soak for 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute pause. You repeat theprocess three more times. Adjust the length of soak and pause as needed, depending on your soil and rainfall..