Posted on July 30, 2016

automatic watering for houseplants

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  1. Our automatic self-watering device is like hiring someone towater your houseplants when you're away!..

  2. Unfortunately the answer to this usually comes down to experience and practice. There isn't a hard and fast rule to follow, it's a simple case ofobserving your plant, and interacting with it. By "interacting" we mean touching the soil surface and just below that to see if it is moistor dry. If it's not too big or heavy you can alsopick it up; a pot or container which is heavily saturated with water will be much heavier than apot which has completely dried out. There are also instruments you can buy which beep or light up when it's time to water again..

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  1. Under-watering and over-watering cause very similar warning signs in house plants..

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  3. The best water you can use on your house plants is the most natural - Rainwater or bottled water. However both of these options can be impractical orexpensive in the long term, sotap water is the most commonly used type of water. In the majority of situations tap water does not cause anyproblems, however if you live in a soft water area you need to carry out an additional occasional step to avoid issues. This is because soft watercontains salt that will build up in the soil which will eventually effect the natural transfer of minerals and water into the roots..

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  2. Watering isnormally a quick and painless process, but sometimes there is something wrong with the soil which causes issues:..

  3. Is a frequently asked question we receive. To answer this youneed to understand that "Without water ahouse plant must die" - This is a fundamental principle of all plants, it's especially important with house plants as they do not have access tonatural sources of water, and therefore depend completely on us to get it right. Most plant death is actually caused by too little water. or in somecases too much. It's a fine balancing act and this guide will help you understand how to get it right..