Posted on July 6, 2016

Automatic watering arduino

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  1. We recommend EasyEDA for electronic circuit design. Low Cost & Fast PCB Prototypes – EasyEDA 10 pcs 2 layers only , Join for EasyEDA.comFree & Get Cash Coupon..

  2. Port PB5 is used to conttrol the water pump motor through a heavy-dutyelectromagnetic relay (RL1) with the help of the driver transistor (T1)..

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  1. The first files will be for testing the devices, such as LCD display and water pump..

  2. ThesystemalsofeaturesanAuto/Manualoperation.InAUTOmode, thewaterpumpstopsthen maximum water level (H) is reached. In MANUALmode, water level detection process is overridden and the water pump keeps working endlessly. Simultaneously, MANUAL mode indicator LED lights up as awarning indicator. The AUTO/MAN mode can be toggled at any water level using the AUTO/MAN push button switch..

  3. In winter the plants don’t require nearly as much water and it seems that after 8 days the water level has dropped only11.5cm in a reservoir ( read orange bucket ) that is about 60cm across.  The orange container is smaller at the bottom, probably around 45cm so anguestimated average of say 50cm for the diameter..

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  1. Arduino Uno checks feedback from Soil Moisture Sensor to find out if the soil is dry. If yes, the Micro Plastic Submersible Pump is switched on, andwater begins to flow to the plant. At a time, only half a litre of water flows into the plant before soil moisture sensor checks if the moisture levelis sufficient or not. If it is still below low, the submersible pump continues to run. If however, the moisture level is sufficient, the submersiblepump is switched off and the moisture sensor continues to sense and waits till the moisture level reduces to turn the pump on again..

  2. After much travail, I finally managed to put my watering system together (Figure 15)..

  3. If the soil of the plant is to dry, run water pumps and pump water to each plant – Easy peasy. I bought a self watering garden hose system oneBay. This system is going to deliver all water to the plants. The water pumps are connect to relays and controlled by the Arduino..