Posted on August 3, 2016

Automatic watering dog

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  1. If that bowl sits there long enough, mosquitoes will lay their eggs on the water's surfacewhere they can quickly progress to larvae..

  2. Watering individual cages of mice and rats has never been easier. The smart alternative to bottles, the Sipper Sack system utilizes a disposable,plastic sack and reusable drinking valve.Learn More..

  3. Do you keep water for your dog outdoors in his kennel?..

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  1. The Bottle Filling Station is designed to accurately dispense drinking water into water bottle cases. The station is easily modified to accommodate avariety of filling needs.Learn More..

  2. A dog's water bowl is really just a small puddle of stagnant water, and it's ripe for gathering pollutants and natural elements that you probablywouldn't purposely give to your pet..

  3. Lixit is probably best known for manufacturing water bottles. If you've never used one before you'll probably love the difference once you try one.Water bottles can be attached to crates, and are especially useful when traveling. They use a combination of gravity and a ball stop tube to create avacuum. Your dog temporarily breaks that vacuum by moving the ball when he licks the end of the tube to drink - finally, no more wet muzzle to greetyou with.Lixit also manufactures an automatic dog watering valve for use outside of the home. This unit attaches directly to your outdoor plumbing,and provides your dog with a refreshing drink every time he licks the nipple on the valve. There's no water bowl, so there's no stagnation, no mess..

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  1. In a few simple steps you’ll have a water bowl that you only have to fill up once in awhile, and it holds twice as much water for later on..

  2. If you have multiple large dogs then the High Country auto Water Basin is the way to go. When attached to your water source, this system uses anautomatic non-siphon valve to refill the bowl to the water level you pre-select. This means your dogs always have fresh water available to them..

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