Posted on July 6, 2016

automatic watering cannabis

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  1. If you have an automated irrigation system and perform a greater number of irrigations per day during the flowering stage, you can lower and setthe EC level at a maximum of 2.0, always checking the plants. If you observe that everything is fine, you can maintain this EC level during thefollowing weeks, or otherwise reduce it in the case that you see that the plants are saturated.  It should be noted that cannabis strainshave different EC level tolerances, so that some strains may show sympthoms of over-feeding while others may require more nutrients when using thesame nutrient solution for both of them..

  2. On the other hand, watering earlier in the daytime allows the plant to utilise the available nutrients more effectively, as many of the fundamentalprocesses of plant growth occur in sunlight. Leaving soil damp throughout the cooler hours of night can promote mould growth..

  3. Between the cooling, venting and power requirements, HPS and metal halide lamps burn money and power at an incredible rate. On the other hand, LEDlamps emit almost no heat, do not require venting or cooling and consume less power. With LED, your cooling system can be dramatically scaled back or– in the case of a cultivation site I designed recently – even eliminated..

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  1. A drip irrigation system will bring the water directly to the plant’s roots..

  2. LED lighting has been my Holy Grail of lighting since I got into this business five years ago..

  3. During the first weeks of growing – and until the second week of flowering – you have to gradually increase the amount of nutrientsolution as well as the EC levels, always keeping a balance between the different nutrients. Once the second week of flowering has passed, you canchoose to use a simple automatic irrigation system with a tank – which you’ll use to mix the nutrient solution – and a water pump toirrigate all the plants during a period of a week..

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  1. This Bluetooth device can tell when your plant is thirsty and then water it for you. Standing roughly a foot tall and introduced at CES 2015, the tallwhite pot has built-in sensors that can read the level of fertilization, temperature and level of moisture in the soil and notify you when the planneeds water..

  2. Q.  Can you suggest an affordable electric valve which can be actuated by a standard irrigation controller to control drip systems which are gravityfed from tanks above ground filled with captured rainwater?..

  3. If we look at the very big picture we have another issue. Technically, cannabis growing is illegal at a federal level so there are no federalguidelines as to what companies who make nutrients for cannabis have to adhere to (people shouldn’t be growing it, see?..