Posted on July 9, 2016

automatic watering for chickens

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  1. I saw a lot of different feeding systems and couldn’t decide what to do. I had a few extra mason jar feeders and thought I’d attempt amodification to one of them. If it didn’t work then I’d go out and buy something..

  2. The chicken waterer nipples would be so useful, as I plan I using your easy instructions to make a chicken nipple waterer.This will save my back from lugging around water all the time.and it will be safer for my birds, cutting back on droppings and feed that seem toalways fall in the water trays!!..

  3.               Hello my fellow chicken lovers I hope you find this page useful and full of the information you are seeking. I am going to start a newlink on backyard chicken forum so we can discuss ideas on how to improve my sytem and help you build yours. Also I am working on a few diffrentmethods of watering. A few ideas I have gotten from others and then expanded on.  The reason I got into this was simply that my wife got tired ofcarring water to my flock everyday, sometimes twice during the summer in 90+ heat. After doing some research on diffrent watering sytems I setlled onthe one below. There are pros and cons to every system but hopefully you can glean the information you need from this page to help your chicken andyour self live a better life..

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  1. Red the Rooster was wondering what we were doing and stopped by to check us out..

  2. While we don't geta lot of hot weather where I live, the hot weather we have had this summer has kept me at home a lot because I didn't want to be away too longwithout being here to check their water!!..

  3. I am including a link to my latest you tube video of this system..

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  1. Both my lovely hens and I would be so grateful to win TheChicken Waterer.It would also be a huge help in keeping our coop clean and sanitary.Thank you for offering this contest..

  2. Steve H. in Seattle sent in pictures of his completed Garden Coop along with instructions for making a homemade chicken nipple waterer. The rest ofthis post comes straight from Steve:..

  3. Pipe Saddle for PVC pipe.Compatible saddles for attachment of 1/8" gas thread fittings, such as our plastic Water Nipple drinkers. Drill a 12mm holein PVC pipe as required (may need to drill slightly bigger)..