Posted on August 2, 2016

automatic misting watering units

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  1. Within our Misting System selections we have Low Pressure, Mid Pressure, High Pressure and Fogging systems to choose from. When exploring a solutionto satisfy the cooling needs of your next project or event, please don’t hesitate to share your design thoughts with our friendly experts so theproper selection can be made.  As with all Cool-Off products, what we enjoy most is seeing you satisfied and that leads to the ultimate successof our company..

  2. If you are not fortunate enough to have a friend or neighbor to offer theirgenerous services, there are some great solutions to make watering your garden and greenhouse easy and automatic while you are away..


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  1.  Having access to power and water, this pumpdelivers to the tent the kind of relief your guests will enjoy outside during these normally avoided peak sun and heat hours. Planning events to avoidthe heat is no longer needed when our misting tents are up and running..

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  3. Greenhouse misting systems enhance ventilation and shading, which can help to avoid greenhouse overheating disasters.  They precisely regulate twocritical growth factors. For plants to thrive, ideal levels of temperature and humidity are required. Greenhouse misting systems use evaporativecooling to cool your plants naturally. Water is pressurized and sprayed through tiny nozzles creating a micro-fine mist. The science is easy: heat isactually used or consumed in the process of evaporation. This mist evaporates in the air and the result?..

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  1. This is accomplished by treating the water with our proven Smart ScaleStop TechnologyMORE..

  2. 4) Human Exposure Risks. Remote control units are available, possibly allowing the application to be ‘controlled’ by children or teens‘playing’ with the system causing potential harm to unsuspecting friends or pets. The pesticides may be sold or provided to the homeownersto ‘maintain’ the system often without appropriate precautions regarding proper mixing, use, or, disposal..

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