Posted on August 1, 2016

Automatic lawn watering valve

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  1. Hunter valves are built with the highest quality to last through the wear and tear of any irrigation system design in any region. They are also easyto install and service, which requires less maintenance to your irrigation system..

  2. 4.7 Overall Satisfaction RatingBased on 38,386 Customer Ratings..

  3. Concerned about keeping your flowers alive while you're away on vacation?..

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  1. Here’s how it works. There are three main components to an automatic irrigation system:..

  2. Did you know that starting your sprinkler system right can help you conserve water and save money?..

  3. A valve linked to the range setting within the present invention decreases pressure at close in ranges. This has the combined effect of eliminatingthe damaging water blasting of close-in vegetation, decreasing the total water applied to the proportionally smaller close in areas, and decreasingthe range simultaneously. This produces tight radial control and uniform watering..

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  1. Each of the plurality of nozzles 19 are provided with hydraulic passages 36A designed to dissipate water pressurewhile producing desired turbulence and rotation of water to cooperate with its respective range angle to provide the desired range and waterdispersion. To gain the maximum range and accuracy, the top nozzle 19 is superelevated 45 degrees above the horizon and provided full pressure withminimum turbulence. The pattern produced by each nozzle is designed to overlap that of other nozzles to create a continuous pattern which can beprogressed uniformly from minimum to maximum range at each specific azimuth angle..

  2. You could set the pressure lower than 30 PSI if desired, just not higher..

  3. HunterIrrigation sprinkler Landscape Lighting Lawn Sprinklers Low-VoltageLighting RainBird Lawn Sprinkler Systems Irrigation System..