Posted on July 14, 2016

automatic watering livestock

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  1. further wherein said well is formed within one end of said housing, comprising a hollow interior area of said housing below the closed bottom of saidtrough, and comprising further a hollow area open to the top and to an adjacent end of the housing and forming thereby top and end openings, wherebythe well is exposed from the top and from an adjacent end of the waterer; and..

  2. The cover 27 includes a pitched roof portion 31, a short end 32, a flange 33 on each side of the roof portion 31, and a long end 34 having an aperture35 formed therein. The enclosure 28 includes parallel, upright side walls 36 and 37 of a lateral spacing such that they fit snugly within the flanges33 (FIG. 4), an upright end 38 adapted to fit within the end 32 (FIG. 3) and having a leg 39 adapted to rest on and be secured to the floor 52 of theupper trough 11, and a sloped end wall 53 having a U-shaped bracket 54 extended upwardly therefrom. The wall 53 rests upon a sloping portion 56 of theinterior of the trough 11 as best seen in FIG. 3; whereas the bracket 54 snugly receives the non-siphoning valve 22a, the arrangement adapted forquick removal therefrom..

  3. Note: The above are average water consumption rates for cattle on pasture. On hot summer days, peak water consumption can reach 1.5 times thesenumbers.Water storages can be made from almost anything as long as they safely store water at a reasonable cost. The most common materials areplastic, fiberglass, concrete or metal tanks, elevated earthen reservoirs, grain bin rings, large rubber tires or large stock watering tanks. The costof water storages ranges from about 5 cents per gallon (1 cent per L) to over .00 per gallon (23 cents per L)..

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  1. Tub & Float Construction: 1/4” Polyethylene Plastic..

  2. Minerals can be incorporated into the ration or offered freechoice, preferably in a loose form. Commercial mineral feedersare available from farm supply stores and sheep equipment manufacturers.Mineral feeders can be made fromtires, PVC pipe, and plasticgarbage cans. If fed outside, a lid is needed to keep mineralsdry.Building plans for feeders may be available at many countyextension offices.Recommended feeder space for sheep and lambs..

  3. With all of the options available today, there is little reason toresort to “breaking ice” to keep water from freezing, and your livestockwillbenefit from consistently open water..

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  1. No rust stainless steel or aluminum housing keep Nelson Automatic Livestock Waterers looking new in the stall or pasture even after years of use. Notlike painted waterers that chip and rust or plastic waterers that fade and deteriorate in the sun..

  2. Windmills (Figure 5) have been used for hundredsof years to pump water but recently there have been major improvements in windmill technology. There are 3 distinct ways to pump waterusing a windmill - mechanical, air and electric. Allwindmill-pumpingsystems require a suitable tank that the livestock will drink from..

  3. We do not want to have to do that. We want to keep them well watered, but not at the expense of having to check on them so often. In order to getaround this, we have installed an automatic watering system for our rabbits. This type of system could be used for many different types of smallanimals and the technique required to install it is applicable to the installation of many other types of systems as well..